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how to convert plugins ?
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I have some plugins that I wann use in PeBakery.
But the are not compatible.

Is there a convert tool ? Or a guide how to convert ?

Re: how to convert plugins ?
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Hi 0f3n21

I assume your trying to run Win10XPE project using PEBakery as the builder, rather than the default builder, which is absolutely fine.
then you want to convert a Win10PE SE plugin to work with XPE. The vast majority of apps available for Win10PE SE have already been recreated, re-written and updated by it's authors including Aomei Backupper (which happens to be one of the default apps in the Win10 XPE distribution download)

see Win10XPE 2020-12-17 here

nb  in answer to your question, there have been a few converters posted over last couple of years, but in my view, they are not really suitable for new starters as the resultant output invariably requires a lot of tweaking to run correctly, and if experienced you may as well recreate from scratch, either manually or with the tools already available.
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