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Hi everybody,

As you made PE versions of w10, so very modular Live OSes, do you know which file contains the taskbar styles?

Why I'm asking this? Cause I want to try DisplayFusion application with a beta version of w10 but replacing uxinit, uxtheme and themeui.dll and also Resources/Themes from 10.0.9888 or 6.3.9600 (w8.1) doesn't brings me the default w8.1 taskbar style

You can probably recommend me StartIsBack, but this is the reason I'm considering DisplayFusion, long story short: starting with 10.0.9926 StartIsBack doesn't show the taskbar icons.

This is what StartIsBack with w8.1 theme gives me on 10.0.10074:

Can somebody help me getting the empty icons back when I apply the skin? is there any registry modification related to taskbar icon handler which can be different than w8 & w10 rtm ? how can I check what's wrong?


Well, with DisplayFusion I can replace the main taskbar, but I want to know how the application (DisplayFusion) draws the taskbar, if the application only checks the registry to see Windows Version Number, is there any app to force changing the windows version in registry before I launch DisplayFusion application?

Any help will be appreciated. You can easily found a Windows Pre-RTM version, for example 10074

You can see here the last W10 beta with w8 taskbar:

Tried with ProcessMonitor to see reg calls but I don't know exactly what can be related to the problem in both cases: startisback empty icons and displayfusion showing w10 taskbar styles instead of w8.1 when I replace files from w8.1 Update 3 or w9888...

Lot of Thanks!

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